Are You Sitting Down? Chris Brown and Trey Songz To Headline Tour Together!

Grown women and teenagers a like are taking cold showers as we speak. Why you ask? They just heard the news that Chris Brown and Trey Songz are heading out on the road together soon.

No dates have been announced as of yet but we will soon hear the sound of penny banks breaking, the cries of people with $0 balances and the screams of parents with new unknown charges on that AMEX card they have given to their children for ’emergency’s’.

Trigga and Breezy have been going back and forth on Instagram all day getting their millions of fans hot and bothered at the thought of a tour featuring the two stars. After all the teasing, the fellas dropped the news that they will in fact be going on tour together and that they want the fans help with naming it.

Fans have been throwing names at the two all evening, with a lot of suggestions incorporating the fact that both stars are from Virginia. Who knows? Maybe they will incorporate it in the name, maybe they won’t. But I do know one thing, Concert Daily will be covering their trek around the US. Will you be in attendance?


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