Concert Fan Decorum 101: “The Stage Is For The Artist, Not You”


Whatever you do, never jump on the stage if you have not been invited! OMG! You are putting yourself on Front Street. We are in the time of smart phones and advanced technology. Just as quick as you commit the act, someone will have you on social media with an edited slow replay version of your… “moment”. Are you really ready to be that girl or guy?… If you are seeking fame, this is not the best method… well, unless you intend to be a comedian in the near future and need some good cost efficient promotional footage. Why take the chance to unexpectedly touch, smell, kiss, or grind up on a performer, when you are more likely to end up in the hospital with serious injury, then actually bonding as friends, joining them in song, becoming their dancer, or marrying them! Even those with backstage passes are not likely to receive those types of perks. You are supposed to be enjoying the show, not being apart of the entertainment.


Concerts bring instant excitement and can cause the blandest to the most outrageous person to let loose and “Turn Up”. Everyone deserves to have those moments of release and live music has always been a key component for this type of explosive result. There is some level of admiration and/or infatuation in us all. However, some have extreme cases, which can lead to things getting out of hand quickly. There are so many things that can trigger an uncontrollable amount of excitement, and most of the time it’s not a preconceived thought. It’s very spontaneous and only stoppable once the unfortunate/embarrassing/bad outcome has already happened.


Here are four examples/results of fans jumping on stage:


“Moment Afroman Shockingly Punches Female Fan On Stage During A Concert”

“Beyonce Attacked and Dragged Off Stage During Her Concert By Shirtless Guy”

“Crazy Fan Attacks Justin Bieber During Concert In Dubai”

“Top 5 Craziest Michael Jackson Fans”



With “Not Jumping On The Stage”, being the main thing not to do at a concert. Here are four more things NOT to do when conducting yourself at a concert:


  • You are in public, not at a private performance designed just for you. Remain in your own personal space. This includes your breath, hair, hands and feet.
  • Know Your Limit: Don’t Get Wasted- Why become belligerent after paying money to see a show that you completely missed because you are drunk out of your mind.
  • Scream when appropriate: It is not humanly possible to amplify you voice the same way a microphone or speaker operates. Stop trying to compete. Plus its very distracting to the performer if you’re the one person screaming: “I Wanna Make love To You, Bang Bang Bang”, while they are performing a ballad!
  • Human Body Odor is an absolute No No in general but definitely in confined close proximity spacing. Please use deodorant, Body Spay, Toothpaste and soap, prior to getting to the venue. You bought a ticket so you have no excuse for not planning in advance and prepping for freshness.


We would love to know your “Concert Fan Decorum Tips”. So, comment below and add yours.


Story By: @MarquitaCheron (Follow on Twitter & Instagram)


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