Janet Jackson Finally Announces NEW World Tour And Music Ahead In 2015!

Soooo talk about things that happen in the middle of the night on a Friday that nobody expects, this is starting to become a trend in music. First it was Beyonce releasing her self-titled album amid much fan fare, and now Janet Jackson shares with us some exciting news.

Released just hours before her 49th birthday, Ms. Jackson dropped the biggest surprise to her fans, via an audio clip being played from a soundboard. The announcement teased “straight from my lips, new music, new world tour and a new movement”. Over the past months there has been much speculation as to what Janet has been up to, due to some cryptic twitter posts between she and long time producer Jimmy Jam fooling around with the hashtag #ConversationsInACafe, random blog posts about a new album, and random tour dates popping up on 3rd party resale sites.

Earlier in the day, members of her fan-base were sent a buzz because of the appearance of an official Instagram page that previously wasn’t in existence, so some people had a feeling that she was up to something. The last time that Janet was on tour was in 2011 for her “Number Ones: Up Close And Personal Tour” which was in support of her Number Ones greatest hits compilation. Funny thing about that tour, is that it was announced in a similar fashion, meaning that it was totally out of nowhere leaving many of her fans with a WTF look on their face, but a happy feeling none the less. Anyway, Concert Daily is more than ecstatic to hear this and see all of what’s going on. You better make sure to stay tuned to Concert Daily as we will keep you notified on all of the happenings with this new movement.


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