Summer Jam or Riot Jam? New York City’s Annual Concert Takes A Tumultuous Turn

This past Sunday was one of the New York area’s biggest concert event, the Hot97 Summer Jam. When you usually hear and think about the concert, the word explosive tends to come to mind. As with many years in the past, the 2015 show was explosive indeed, but not for what you would expect.

Yes, we were treated to hours of live performances from some of the biggest names in music today including Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown. Hell, come to think about it, throwback artist seemed to steal the spotlight of the show. During Brooklyn native Fabolous’ set, he brought out some legends of hip-hop ranging from Busta Rhymes to Mobb Deep, to Lil’ Kim and The LOX, to Method Man, Redman and Ma$e.

Although all of the music and good vibes were inside the MetLife stadium, concert goers had no idea what was happening OUTSIDE the gates of the venue. Riots broke out outside of Hot 97′s Summer Jam concert. The melee started when attendees tried to forcefully enter the Summer Jam concert at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, after ticket sales were abruptly ended due to an overselling of tickets via promoters. The reports say that a mob of individuals tried to rush the entrance and police had to step in.

Cops in riot gear with batons descended upon the crowd of people, while 61 people were arrested during the incident, mostly for disorderly behavior, though there were also charges including soliciting without a permit, trespassing, assault and possession of a weapon.




Fights broke out as crowds pushed through a metal barrier. Things escalated when the state police reportedly teargassed the crowd. Eight New Jersey State Troopers suffered minor injuries during the incident. Many of these scenes left an impression of something that was all too real to many of us. Just less than two months ago, the riots in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray left same image that is now engraved in our heads. When will the madness end? Most people go to a concert to enjoy themselves and leave many of the problems of the world at home, not come to be faced with a different type of issue in the form of unnecessary violence. We hope that this does NOT become a trend for major hip-hop variety shows as if it does, this may be the beginning of the end, but we’ll see.


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