On The Daily Comeup: The DMV’s Own PatriceLive


In the first installment of Concert Daily’s new feature “On The Daily Comeup”, where we will take the time to give some shine and attention to new, or not-so-new, local/indie artist around the globe who we recognize are putting in work by creating a name for themselves and making moves, we are choosing an artist by the name of PatriceLive.

Welcome to the DC/Maryland/Virgina area, more notably referred to the DMV, a place that’s rich in history, culture and music. There’s so many big named talented artist that has come from here that we can’t even count, but on the opposite side of the spectrum, you’ll find a lot of undiscovered and up-and-coming artist who have a nice balance between sheer raw talent, and the passion and drive to help catapult their career. Patrice Jones-Nickols, known more synonymously by her stage name PatriceLIVE, is one of those artist who is destined for greatness.

We won’t call her a “struggling artist”, since she HATES that reference, but she is a is a rising artist who has been actively involved in music since the age of five.  As a brand, PatriceLIVE encompasses the strong stage presence and captivating performances that Patrice is known for as an artist. She is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach who is trained in classical, gospel and jazz music.

When you ask her what is it that she brings to the stage, she’ll tell you that high energy and audience interaction are the main ingredients of a PatriceLIVE show. She prides herself on giving dynamic performances; one minute she may be belting out a soulful ballad, and the next she is dancing on the table. As a native of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, she sang with local acts such as Be’la Dona, Beautiful eXperience, Kinda Blu and soul artist/producer V.Rich. That was all before she set her sights on a solo path around the time of 2010 and started work on her debut album. Fast forward five years, and she’s still on her steady grind to leave her own footprint in today’s music industry.

It’s 2015 and she’s off to a running start. In the earlier part of the year she put out a teaser single by the name of “Session” to warm everyone up to what she had been cooking for the past 5 years, and to lay the ground work for her debut album “Ghosts of Boyfriends Past”, to be released on June 16, 2015.


Not too long after she got people hot and bothered with that steamy snippet, Patrice pushed forward to release her first single entitled “Jump Back” that features fellow D.C. artist Pinky Killacorn rapping on the track. “Back” is and uptempo track that is sure to be a hit with the ladies and maybe one of the ladies anthems of the summer.  The song deals with showing a woman how to “boss up” in her own personal life when it comes to relationships,  not stress the mess that a guy can bring on to them, and that it’s perfectly fine to have two different views of what commitment is.


It just so has it, that today, June 16th, serves as TWO very special days for her, it’s not only the album release day, but it’s also her birthday. We totally recommend that you go cop this album, available NOW on iTunes because you’ll be hearing a lot more from this young lady. She’ll also be opening up for Teyana Taylor at the Fillmore Silver Spring on July 9th and tickets are available now on Live Nation’s website.



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