Rumor: Bad Boy Records 20th Anniversary Tour

Soooo we’re sure EVERYONE saw the knockout Puff Daddy & the Family/Bad Boy records reunion performance from the 2015 BET Awards right? If you did, then you surely missed a lot, because it was surely one of the highlights of the entire show.

During the tribute that literally took us back to the mid 1990’s, the Bad Boy mogul – donning his old school red leather ensemble – recruited a dozen of the label’s biggest draws, from Mase and Lil Kim to Jadakiss and French Montana, for a 10-minute mega-medley that also paid tribute to the Notorious B.I.G.


Well after the epic performance and much fanfare surrounding it, many people were talking on social media about how seeing this display of showmanship took them back to a time when “music was music” and something that they could identify to, and wished that there would be a Bad Boy Reunion tour to happen. Well folks, we’ve got some good news for you.
It seems that Puffy has been hinting at a possible Bad Boy Family tour via his social media outlets, telling folks to “stay tuned” and that a tour is “coming to a city near you”. We have to say that if this did happen, it would be an exciting time in the world of music and concert tours alike. Being that this IS the 20th anniversary of Bad Boy Records being fully established, the timing for this would be perfect.
Granted, there are many current acts who are out on traveling tours and setting the stage on fire, but it’s just something about the music from the 90’s that resonates with so many people and truly makes them feel good. Hopefully an official announcement is to follow, because we are ready for this. Question is, would YOU go to see a concert featuring the Bad Boy Records lineup, and if so, who would you want on the bill?
We’ll keep you up-to-date on any breaking information as to if the rumors turn out to be true.

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