Just Different: Teyana Taylor Served New Levels Of Dopeness Live At The Fillmore Silver Spring


A powerhouse in her own right, Teyana Taylor has the warmth of Anita Baker, the energy of Janet Jackson and a vibe all her own. She is definitely uniquely made and embodies much emotion with a 90’s era soulful delivery.


As she entered the Fillmore Silver Spring stage, the first thing realized was her outfit. Paying homage to an icon. It was as if visually, her and her dancers stepped into the set of a Janet Jackson music video. As she opened her mouth to just sing her first note of the night, it was exciting to watch the vibration of her voice capture her biggest fans in the audience. If nothing else was clear this night, her fans are diehards and Teyana Taylor’s performance was real, expressive and very relatable.


She went through her new album: “VII” (Seven) hitting every groove perfectly. Her voice, vibrant in sound, delivered with ease as she also displayed her advanced level dancing abilities, which was an overall precise and very impressive performance. By the time she got to her current two currently top hits that are in heavy rotation: “Do Not Disturb” and “Maybe”, the audience was completely turned up and loosing their minds in excitement. Once she called men and women up to the stage to join in all of the fun, she confidently knew she had everyone’s undivided attention, and if they had not already bought her CD, they would now!


You couldn’t miss her love of singing if you tried. To love Teyana Taylor, is to know her journey to fame. She literally put herself in small and large significant positions to be heard. By the time she was 16 she was able to make her first impression on the world, and it was surely clear that she was a confident, straight like it is, type of young woman, determined to rise to the top. She used all of her talents: Singing, Modeling, Acting, and Dancing. All, to continuously make her presence known and respected. So, we here at Concert Daily were elated to see the similar opportunity of exposure given to not one, not two, but four opening acts who were all great, and actually deserved the opportunity to shine bright on the Fillmore Silver Spring Stage. It’s always awesome to see these type of life changing experience and we salute DCLA Productions and Tony Redz of WPGC 95.5 for putting on the entire event and presenting this major opportunity.

All different in there own way, with the same goal in mind: To share God given talents and artistically express themselves! The Fillmore Silver Spring is one of DMV Area’s premiere venues to perform at as an artist. So, here are the artists that had the privilege to be Opening Acts. (In order Of Performance):


The Amours: (Shaina Aisha & Jakiya Ayanna) A sister duo who bring smooth, soulful and exciting R&B styled songs, in unique form that stand as necessary enhancements to contemporary R&B music of today. They are definitely on a one-way street to stardom. They won the WPGC 95.5 contest Radio Personality Tony Redz Conducted, to offer this wonderful opportunity to perform as an opening act with more than 3,000 votes. They currently have an EP Album available in all digital stores entitled: “Rhythmic Love”.

Main Girl: (Shabreia, Deja & Jahna) D.M.V.’s own three divas with voices and moves. Creating a serious buzz and lasting impression on many major stages, these Pop/R&B recording artist are unstoppable. They have a mixtape that’s available now entitled: “New Era”.


PatriceLIVE: Hitting you with vocals that will leave you craving for more, she is THE REAL DEAL. A definite R&B/Pop Star in the making, her music combined with her magnetic energy and personality will blow your mind. We had the pleasure of interviewing her after her powerful and stand out performance. She is really authentic in her belief of herself, her skill and passionate about her overall craft. She has just released her Debut Album: “Ghosts Of Boyfriends Past”, which can be found in all digital stores.

Brittany T.: Hip-Hop Female Emcee bringing you fiery raw lyrical stylings who also sings, and puts in motion what it means to be sassy and demand attention. With her current mixtape: “Jack Rabbit Vol. 1” thats available on Datpiff, she is sure to maintain being what’s hot in the streets.


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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment Industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.



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