Meek Mills Claps Back At Drake During North Carolina Pink Print Tour Date

The plot thickens as the rap beef between Drake and Meek Mills continues to roll on. I’m sure most people thought that this would have been the standard twitter/online based beef that has become the norm of the 2010s, but both of these artist are proving us wrong.

After multiple diss tracks by Drake, and then the response that Meek put out, Drake attempted to put the nail in the coffin over the weekend at his annual Ovo Fest concert in Toronto, where he performed the track “Back To Back” live on stage, with multiple memes of Meek on the video wall behind him.

In typical rap fashion, Meek Mills certainly wasn’t going to take this laying down. While fans didn’t get a rumored second diss track from the Philly MC on Tuesday, shots were fired at his nemesis on stage at the Charlotte, NC stop of the Pink Print Tour. Claims were made that none of Drake’s main homies still rocked with him. Things are definitely staying heated between the biggest rap feud of this generation, so continue to watch the story unfold.


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