Oooh, I Like That: Sevyn Streeter Takes Over Baltimore


If you’re a fan of singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter, then you know that she’s currently out promoting her latest E.P. “Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1″ with a string of dates that she’s aptly calling #SevynInSeven, where as she’s only performing in 7 cities nationwide. When your city gets selected to not have only one, but TWO shows, then consider yourself lucky.

Although the start of her tour was in Philadelphia, we had the pleasure of seeing the show on the second date, live from downtown Baltimore. It was around 6 P.M. when we arrived at the Baltimore Soundstage where the show would take place, and to much surprise, there was already a line that started to form with eager Sevyn Streeter fans, who we now know go by the brand of the #StreetTeam. While standing in line, those concert goers who arrived early to the venue got treated to a gift, when the doors of the venue opened and out walked Sevyn. ALL you could hear were screams from everyone in line while she walked down the line to take pictures with her fans and greet them.

After all the excitement of the impromptu “meet & greet”, it was now 7 P.M. and the doors opened and everyone rushed in to claim their spot as close as possible to the stage. Helping to keep the crowd entertained before the show started was a DJ who had the whole club lit until the first act hit the stage.


First up was Maryland native and X-Factor finalist David Correy who set the tone for the entire show. From the first note that he sang, you could tell that it was certainly going to be an R&B type night. Granted his set was plagued with audio technical difficulties, he pushed through a number of his singles like a true professional. One particular performance that stuck out from his showing was when he performed a cover of Ginuwine’s breakout hit “Pony“, which had all the ladies in the place screaming and singing along.


Next to arrive on stage was singer Avery Wilson, protégé of super producer Sean Garrett,  who happened to be there and introduced his artist. Wilson impressed me, and the rest of the crowd when he showed his musicianship and broke out a guitar to accompany his singing ability. His set closed out with his current single that’s on radio, “Change My Mind” which features The Migos.

So after 2 opening acts and turning the place into a concert, it was finally 10 P.M. and time for Ms. Streeter. The stage was set with her DJ in place, and backed by two female dancers, she came out on stage to a high energy dance routine fueled by a Baltimore Club beat, which certainly had the crowd hyped from the start and then went immediately into her first single “I Like It“.



Singing and dancing for almost an hour straight, she went through various songs from her first E.P. “Call Me Crazy, But…”, including fan fave “Sex On A Ceiling”, where she brought Avery Wilson out, sat him in a chair and gave him a steamy lap dance he won’t forget. Being one of the modern day queens of flipping a song and putting a female spin on male songs, not only did she sing songs from her own catalog, but she also did a rendition of Tory Lanez radio hit “Say It” made you want her to actually do a remix with him because it sounded so good. To close out her set, she sang the Chris Brown aided single “Don’t Kill the Fun” that’s lifted from her “Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1” E.P. and then said her goodbyes that left the Street Team confused about why she hadn’t sang her biggest hit “It Won’t Stop“. The fans started cheering and chanting SEEE-VYN, SEEE-VYN, SEEE-VYN which lead to her return to the stage to sing the song that really put her on the map. She wanted to get up close and personal with the fans and jumped down off the stage, and hopped on the guard rails to hug fans while she sang. You know fans ate this up, snagging all types of selfies and snapchat pics to share with their friends on social media.

After the show was over and most of the people had left, there were a few fans who straggled behind listening to the DJ play and were still on a high from what they had witness, but totally weren’t in for what was about to be in store. Sevyn’s photographer walked around and grabbed all of the remaining people and told them that Sevyn wanted to personally meet each one and thank them for coming out. Fans got to ask questions, give her some personally made artwork and even sing to her. The humility that she showed by allowing people to come into her personal space is what’s going to take her extremely far in this industry. When she comes to your town, make sure that you get a ticket to this show because she leaves her heart and soul on the stage.

Her E.P. “Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1″ is out for immediate download now, so make sure you add it to your list of new music because there’s something there for everyone.







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