The DMV Packs The House For The SwaveNation Tour


It was an unusually warm December night in the Nation’s Capital on Saturday, the 18th, but that helped set the stage for what we were about to experience. You can call this the nights of “firsts” for ConcertDaily, this was the first time that we had ever been to DC9 nightclub/venue for a concert, the first time for a late night show, and most importantly, the first time we had the chance to see Tory Lanez live.

We arrived at DC9 a bit early for the show (approximately around 10:45 pm) since it was general admission and we all know the struggle of wanting to be upfront for these kind of events means getting there EARLY. The doors to the venue hall didn’t open up until 11:30 pm so we were escorted up to the rooftop bar to stand in line. Doors finally opened up at around 11:40 pm and all of Tory’s dedicated fans, who he refers to as #SwaveNation filed their way in, and before you knew it, the place was completely packed. While taking a quick scope around the room, I noticed that this was a show full of mostly younger kids, as depicted by the large black X on their hands to show that they were under the age of 21.

A DJ came to soften the crowd up, who was then proceeded by the opening act of the night, LA based rapper Boogie. Fans were a little uncertain about Boogie until about his third song of the night where he proved his lyrical ability via a freestyle. Before leaving the stage, he mentioned that he had just got signed to Interscope records, and to be on the look out for him because bigger things were about to come from him.

Now it was time the main event! In an EXTREMELY intimate setting, Tory Lanez literally walked THROUGH the crowd to get on stage to perform to his sold out show. Donning a green flight jacket, black jeans and a black shirt that read “Swave Nation”, he quickly showed that he was there to dominate the stage and entertain his crowd of loyal fans who knew all the lyrics to his songs.  Not only did they know the lyrics, as Lanez hit the small stage, the crowd on the floor of DC9 looked like a sea of bodies, as everyone inched closer to the stage in attempts to push their way to the front. The crowd’s movements from the start to the end of the show was basically of one body, jumping on queue with each beat. He kicked the show off with a snippet of his single “Priceless,” , right before he moved into his track “In For It”.


At one moment during the show he took a pause to speak to the crowd and apologize for two things. The first on his list was an apology to the fans because he was actually sick and wasn’t feeling too well, and wanted to let everyone know that despite this, he was still going to push through and give 100% and leave it all on the stage. His second apology was for the show being at such a small venue. It wasn’t the fact that he was picking on the place itself, but he would have preferred to have played at a bigger spot to allow for more of his fans to come see him. Neither of these slight “issues” played a factor into his performance, because he was just as hype as if he wasn’t sick, and engaging with as many people as he could. If you’ve ever taken the time out to watch a Tory Lanez performance online, you’ll notice that he likes to “reach out and touch” the fans…literally. At one point, we even got hit by his mic, but we can’t be mad at him or blame him, because that’s what happens when you’re in your element and feel the music.

His set was rather short, as he only sang about 7 or 8 songs. One of them was the song that is putting him in the mainstream spotlight right now and is proving to be a radio hit, his single “Say It” which samples Brownstone’s “If You Love Me”.  He tied this song in with a string of other 90’s songs, while doing an age check to see how many 80’s and 90’s babies were in the crowd, which were few and far in-between.

During the whole show, fans behind me were randomly shouting DIEGO, and actually got annoyed when the rapper didn’t sing the song. Not one to disappoint his fans, his last song of the night was indeed a major track for him to date, the fan favorite “Diego”. Inviting Boogie and some friends of his onstage, he took a more rock approach and dove into the crowd as he decided to crowd surf while continuing to hold his mic and rap. This moment right here cemented his place in the industry as a performance force not just me, but for all who were in attendance.

We look forward to see what else Tory Lanez has in the future, mainly his debut album because it’ll be full of more bangers and it’ll allow us another opportunity to see him rock the stage, as he did in D.C.



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