Experience A Tour Full Of ‘Sex Love & Pain’ With Tank




Due to the state of music today and how the charts look on a weekly basis, some would like to make a bold statement that R&B music is a fledgling genre, and in many cases, is completely dead.

Well Durrell “Tank” Babbs proves that is a blatant lie with the recent release of his new album entitled ‘Sex Love & Pain II‘, which many who have listened, says that it’s one of the best R&B albums in a long time. We can’t say that we are necessarily surprised, when it’s no shock that Tank can absolutely channel much emotion through his voice, and have the women feeling some kind of way.

What is there next to do after dropping an album…if you’re a smart artist then you already know it’s to hit the road. Tank has announced his Sex Love & Pain Tour, which will start in Dallas, TX on March 7th. Tickets for the shows are now on sale via Ticketmaster, so if you’re a fella, pick them up for your lady, and if you’re a lady, get your girls together for a fun girls night out.

[Photos are courtesy of Atlantic Records]


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