Wow, Washington DC Hosts Its First Ever National Cannabis Festival

Weed fest

THIS is something that I certainly didn’t think I’d EVER see, not just a festival that’s totally dedicated to the glorification of weed, but it taking place in the Nation’s Capital! What makes things even more interesting is that throughout the day, performers will be will be introduced by pro-­legalization celebrities and politicians.

In early 2015 a group of cannabis policy advocates, business owners and enthusiasts joined together around the idea to create The National Cannabis Festival (NCF), an event celebrating progress on marijuana legalization in DC and across the nation. We envisioned creating a festival recognizing the spirit of the cannabis movement and the non-profit groups that have fought for so long to end marijuana prohibition.

Taking place on April 23, 2016 on the grounds of RFK Stadium, being branded as more than just a festival, NCF is a chance to connect with members of the cannabis community and industry from across the country while enjoying a full day of music, games, delicious food and drink.

So far they have nationally recognized recording artist De La Soul, and Jesse Royal, as well as Go-Go legends Backyard Band tapped to perform. Tickets are on sale now National Cannabis Fest’s website.


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