More Than A World Tour: Kirk Franklin’s “20 Years In One Night” Is An Experience Of A Lifetime


When was the last time you went to a concert outside of a church, where you hugged many complete strangers, encouraged each other through dialog, praised God, and turned up all at the same time?… The experience received from Kirk Franklin’s “20 Years In One Night” World Tour Stop In Washington DC, was nothing short of Amazing! This Tour is officially stamped by Concert Daily as “A Must Go” incredible concert. It really was one of the best!

From the very moment the house lighting went down, there was an anointed calm that entered the room. Talk about a shift in the atmosphere. If anyone had any doubt that it would be difficult for the presence of God to take over the Warner Theatre, know his presence can be felt anywhere and at any given time. The conviction of the true love of God Kirk Franklin and all of the amazing singers and musicians displayed grabbed a focus like no other in each audience member. We all were so moved that for the majority of the 2 ½ hour show, we stood and swayed, as many of the most significant lyrics passed though our ears and right to our hearts.


You have to understand that this was not just any gospel concert. This was a personal experience, a thank you and your welcome scenario between God, the God given writing ability of Kirk Franklin, and where this music has led, clarified and nurtured our individual perspectives and lives to a more righteous one. Resulting in us all developing a closer relationship with God through overcoming the everyday struggle of our imperfect lives on this earth.


This show was richly intense in a majestic way because of the many impactful, tears of joy, gut wrenching, relatable messages in the God fearing lyrics that we all hold dearly. The first song that set us off in grateful emotion was “He’s Able”, and from there it was a non stop show. Back to back hits sung in full or in medleys as his new music off of the album “Losing My Religion” was also beautifully highlighted. Songs such as: “Silver & Gold”, “Hosanna”, “Brighter Day”, “Why We Sing”, “Conquerors”, “Now Behold The Lamb”, “Melodies From Heaven”, “Pray For Me”, 123 Victory”, and many more. To make things even more unique, there wasn’t even a typical intermission because he allowed his Grammy award winning Pianist to play some wonderful Jazz music off of his album, which was beautiful.


Love what he is doing, or choose not to understand his mission. Either way, you can not deny the reach of positive effect Kirk Franklin has been able to achieve through the anointing of God. No, he has never been the traditional gospel artist but he is the exact kind of Gospel Artist who was ordained to reach the masses and most importantly, those outside of the church, while still ministering to those blessed to already know of God and all of his glory. He has been able to successfully be relatable as just a human being trying to get right in God’s image, like the rest of us.

There is no question as to how he is selling out concert venues worldwide. Feeling this jolt of empowerment is a miracle within itself. The tour stop here in Washington DC was indeed sold out two months in advance and the things that occurred during the show was needed, appreciated, and right on time for many who may have been going through difficult times or just wanting the positive blessing of the experience in general. One of many standout moments during the show is when Mr. Franklin had all of the Men remain standing. He spoke of his 2015 struggles that directly interfered with his personal life, finances and this tour that just didn’t seem to be possible. He encouraged all of the men that it is ok to have short comings but you have to stay steadfast in your faith and believe that everything will work out according to God’s Will. He continued to motivate with one of his many fantastic songs off of his new “Losing My Religion” Album: “Interception”. In the song he sings: “JESUS PLEASE MENTION MY NAME, WHEN YOU TALK TO YOUR FATHER TODAY. LIFE DOWN HERE FEELS SO STRAINED. MY BROKENESS IS IN THE WAY. I’M NOT THAT GOOD, DON’T PRAY LIKE I SHOULD. YET, I’M AMAZED YOU GET ME THROUGH. HE SEE’S ME BUT HE HEARS YOU. HE HEARS YOU. THAT’S WHY I NEED YOU.” This song is a great way to begin a personal prayer or just listen to in a time of confusion or any hardship.

Other great moments consisted of his amazing singers: Nikki Ross, Cheryl Fortune, Charmaine S. Broome, Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper, Kenyon Dixon, & Deonis slaying every song and solo. Jeremiah Hicks and Clifton Ross III being called up to sing some of “Interception”. An audience member being invited up on the stage to jam out with her whistle, and Mr. Franklin taking the time to come into the audience during the song “Smile” which was really awesome.


“20 Years In On Night” World Tour was an overall outstanding concert! So, make sure you visit all of his social media platforms to see when he may be coming to a city near you and also grab your copy of his new album: “Losing my religion”. It is another special and touching one with many inspiring songs. Don’t get side tracked by the name of this album for it is actually a declaration of one’s decision to have a closer relationship with God. Kirk Franklin in his own words explains what he means by saying: “If you were drowning in a lake and I saw you, pulled over in my car, got out and yelled at you “Kick Harder, Swim Harder, Doggy Pedal, Breath”, WOULD YOU FEEL SAVED? …. But what if I saw you drowning in the same lake and I pulled over, got out of my car and I jumped in the lake and I grabbed you and pulled you. Rescued you and pulled you to the side of the lake, WOULD YOU FEEL SAVED? YOU’D FEEL RESCUED RIGHT?… All I’m trying to say is, Religion stands on the side of your life and tells you/yells at you what to do but Jesus jumped in the lake!… “.





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Story By: @MarquitaCheron

About The Author: Marquita Cheron is a Jazzy-Soul/R&B Singer/Songwriter, Correspondent, Writer and overall Music Enthusiast; who has a love for every positive angle of the Music & Entertainment industry. Simply on a quest to reveal the greatness of amazing artists and their music to the masses, while also being a contributor of it herself.


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