The FOLD Music Festival Returns With Two Locations



Another day, another new music festival. Granted we love live festivals for all they’re worth, it seems like by the end of the decade there will be enough music festivals to take place on every day of the calendar year. Last year the newly announced FOLD (which stands for FreakOutLet’sDance) Festival made its debut at New York’s historic Martha’s Vineyard.

The event was deemed to be successful because it’s back for it’s second year, and it’s already expanding. Nile Rogers has plans in place to establish an international base with a separate FOLD festival happening in London, as well as returning to its previous home in New York.

Set to take place June 24-26 ad Fulham Palace, London, the UK version will have a totally different lineup than the State side show, which is good because it will help appeal to the overseas market. For those of you who are in the United States, you’ll have to wait until August 12-14 to see the showing.

Tickets to both shows are now available from the official FOLD music festival website.




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