Recap: Outer Spaces Invades Baltimore’s Current Space



Baltimore experienced sort of an “extraterrestrial” moment last week when Don Giovanni Records band Outer Spaces touched down for their record release concert on May 20th.

The show had an extremely organic feeling to it, thanks in part due to the show taking place at Current Spaces on Howard Street in Downtown Baltimore. This was one of few shows that I have attended which has occurred in not only such a small and intimate venue, but also in an outside venue with the same attributes. The ambiance was scenic as there were various locally crafted pieces of art placed around the perimeter of the courtyard. The vibe was euphoric as all of the audience was in a trance during all 4 acts of the show.

There were a few opening bands to come out before main course of the night. We had the opportunity to see Wildhoney, Wume, and Romantic States, all of who brought something a little different to the show, and the fans seemed to enjoy it, but it was Outer Spaces who you could tell EVERYONE was there to see.

Not only did their showing serve as an album release show, but it was also the kick off for the “A Shedding Snake” tour, and what made things even MORE special, is that they are Baltimore based, so for them to bring the love right back home, and equally receive it throughout the night is what an artist and band dreams of.

Outer Spaces opened their set with a new song entitled “Heavy Stone Poem” and performed nine out of the thirteen songs which is housed on “A Shedding Snake”, before closing the night out with their current single “I Saw You“. If you’re wondering how the album sounds, the album explores the evolution of ones life through a blend of mellow folk rock and catchy indie ballads.

Catch the band when they come to a town near you!







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