Recap: Anderson .Paak Came Down And Got Baltimore Lit


So we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about the relatively “new face” in music, XXL 2016 ‘Freshman class’ inductee Anderson .Paak. Well OK, he’s not exactly new since he’s been on the scene since 2010, but people are just now really finding out about him. He can thank that success to Dr. Dre for putting him on the ‘Compton’ motion picture soundtrack.

Since being featured on that set, the waves he has been making on his own have been crashing into peoples eardrums. Recently his sophomore album entitled ‘Malibu‘ was released at the top of the year and met with critical acclaim, so what’s next for an artist to do once they drop an album…you already know, they hit the road.

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Recap: Outer Spaces Invades Baltimore’s Current Space



Baltimore experienced sort of an “extraterrestrial” moment last week when Don Giovanni Records band Outer Spaces touched down for their record release concert on May 20th.

The show had an extremely organic feeling to it, thanks in part due to the show taking place at Current Spaces on Howard Street in Downtown Baltimore. This was one of few shows that I have attended which has occurred in not only such a small and intimate venue, but also in an outside venue with the same attributes. The ambiance was scenic as there were various locally crafted pieces of art placed around the perimeter of the courtyard. The vibe was euphoric as all of the audience was in a trance during all 4 acts of the show.

There were a few opening bands to come out before main course of the night. We had the opportunity to see Wildhoney, Wume, and Romantic States, all of who brought something a little different to the show, and the fans seemed to enjoy it, but it was Outer Spaces who you could tell EVERYONE was there to see.

Not only did their showing serve as an album release show, but it was also the kick off for the “A Shedding Snake” tour, and what made things even MORE special, is that they are Baltimore based, so for them to bring the love right back home, and equally receive it throughout the night is what an artist and band dreams of.

Outer Spaces opened their set with a new song entitled “Heavy Stone Poem” and performed nine out of the thirteen songs which is housed on “A Shedding Snake”, before closing the night out with their current single “I Saw You“. If you’re wondering how the album sounds, the album explores the evolution of ones life through a blend of mellow folk rock and catchy indie ballads.

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Recap: The DMV Shows Mya That It Really IS All About Her



Well well well, last Friday night at the Howard Theatre was a special moment in time, one where were got to praise and take in all the goodness that one of our OWN has produced. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Grammy award winning artist Mýa made her presence known when she ascended upon the Howard Theater to present her “Smoove Jones” show.

It’s been YEARS since the triple threat act has performed in her hometown, and after her show on Friday, many people wants to know what took so long! I know for a fact over the past couple of years, I’ve seen many mentions on social media from fans pondering how come whenever there’s a planned Mýa performance, none of them were ever in the DMV. It definitely was as shocking to me too seeing as she’s always been one proud of her D.C. roots, but never had a concert in the area.

From her showing, Mýa has not missed a beat, still throwing down on stage as she once did during the early 2000’s. When you look at her, it’s kind of hard to believe that she’s 36 years old…she must have been sucked in a time warp because she looks like she stepped right off the set of the “Case Of The Ex” music video. Not only did she dance, but she showed a strong vocal performance that shocked a lot of the audience.

The highlight of the show was when she invited her dad on stage to perform a duet with her, singing a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon In The Sky. If you didn’t get a chance to check her out, we have you covered. Get into some of her performance videos below. She’s still currently on tour so make your way to her show when it comes to your town.