NKOTB Announces The Total Package Tour With Boyz II Men & Paula Abdul


There are some artists who reigned in ‘yesteryear’ who are either nowhere to be found or all over the place. New Kids On The Block certainly fall in the category of the latter. Despite their last number one hit album or song being in the 1990’s, they still have the juice to not only tour, but tour arenas and sell them out. That says a LOT to their buying and lasting power.

In an announcement made this morning on NBC’s Today Show, the 5 “bros” from Boston have concocted “The Total Package Tour”, which like most of their past tour jaunts, will feature other popular musical artists from their main era of prominence. Joining them for this time will be R&B trio Boyz II Men and Ms. Paula Abdul, someone we haven’t seen on a touring stage in over 25 years.

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